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Faster Internet Speeds Coming to Valparaiso – What’s the Cost?

Published on: 06/23/2022


Christopher Saul | Mid Bay News | June 13, 2022

James Butler, the General Manager of Valparaiso’s municipally-owned cable provider, announced to the City Commission that significantly faster speeds would be available for the City of Valparaiso’s internet customers. 

 After a year of work, the upgrades to the internet infrastructure were completed in the first week of June. All customers will receive an automatic free upgrade of their speeds from the cable provider. The highest level of service speed will triple from 100mb to 300mb. Approximately a quarter of the city’s 2,240 homes will receive that upgrade. 

 Customers the next step down in service will quadruple in service speed from 50mb to 200mb. 

 All in all, everyone is going to get a speed upgrade, but will not see an increase in price. The commissioners responded positively to that information from the dais. 


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